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Change log

If you are new to Molo9™ here are a few notes about how we systematically make our upgrades:


Annual – massive upgrade

Monthly – small adjustments

  • Every year, in May, we do a massive upgrade to our UX & UI based on the latest trends, as well as feedback from our users. In June the product walkthrough videos are updated to reflect the new UX & UI.
  • Once a month we review the feedback submitted via the red feedback button that you see on the right of most pages to make small changes that have been requested via this feedback button.
  • If you have opinions click that red feedback button on the right to let us know what you love & what you’d like to see changed.


ALWAYS updating

  • This is where Adi Soozin spends the majority of her time. When learning to code to build Molo9™, Ms. Soozin hit a lot of unnecessary obstacles due to the materials she purchased selling outdated information.  Yes this was infuriating. It was so infuriating that Ms. Soozin made the number one priority at Molo9™ that we remove outdated information as soon as it becomes outdated.


Annual – massive upgrade

Monthly – small adjustments

  • Every summer we pause the Live Q&A sessions to focus on BIG software upgrades. In the summer of 2021 we added the project portal. In the summer of 2022 we will start (and hopefully finish) building out the report builder.

Moving forward, new content will be announced in the Molo9™ Telegram channel here.






UI Update: 

Website colors have been modified to further reduce eye strain


New Content: 

Diffusion of Innovation Theory

Silver Bullets – definition 

The asymmetrical dominance effect

A minus A strategy


UX/UI Update: 

Order & placement of items in the menus has been updated based on the latest feedback


New Content: 

Primary Data Sources

Secondary Data Sources


UX/UI Update: 

Menu colors adjusted

Menu order adjusted to accommodate additions


Bug Fixed:

Molo9™ Glossary back online


Content Created


CPM (Cost per Mille)

CTR (Click-Through Rate)



Project Templates Updated:

The Comprehensive Growth Audit – with instructions

The Comprehensive Growth Audit – white label

Launch a startup – with instructions

Content Updated:

Publish your story as a case study

Create an FAQ

Add Chat Support to Your Website

Create exclusive offers to get happy reviews on 3rd party websites

This is how to guest appear on podcasts & talk shows for FREE

Create Your First Strategic Partnership Program


New Content:

Create an Email Marketing Lead Magnet


Content Updated:

Crucial Website Content

Get Your First 3 Paying Customers

How to identify what people really want to buy

How to find your next “money maker”

Complete a Quick Round of Market Research to Collect Key Data From Potential Customers

Tools to set up a consumer data collection system for your digital assets


Content Updated:

Content Creation Workbook



How to collect high converting copy from your happy customers

UI Update: The homepage has been updated, screenshot below

Content Updated:

Create an FAQ

Get Your First Round of Press Coverage

Testimonials: This Is How to Use Them to Build Trust & Drive Sales

If You Are Not a Luxury Brand, Use a Coupon Code to Collect Backlinks

Create Your First Strategic Partnership Program

Add Chat Support to Your Website

Complete a Quick Round of Market Research to Collect Key Data From Potential Customers

How to choose the right logo

If You Are Not a Luxury Brand, Use a Coupon Code to Collect Backlinks


Selective Perception


New content:

EARLY RELEASE: Retargeting on Facebook

A Few of the Best Practices 4 Advertising on Facebook

EARLY RELEASE: How to find the best keywords for PPC

EARLY RELEASE: Tricks to use when advertising on social media

How to choose the right company colors

This is why you need a short company name

Make your headshot consistent everywhere

What do others find fascinating about your brand?

How to choose the right brand archetype

Improvement: Home page revised. The old home page can now be found here.

Improvement: Telegram channels have been adjusted to make it easier to engage with content & polls.

Improvement: Polls have been embedded into the account home page & linked to our Telegram channel

Improvement: Polls will be used to determine the topic of the next Q&A session.

New Process: My SEO project template has been added to the project management portal (both the white label & instructional versions).

ImprovementMulti-tenant accounts added to the checkout options.

ImprovementNew pricing finished

ImprovementUser onboarding updated

Improvement: UX of home & directory updated

New Content: The Startup Launch Checklist

New Content: The Fundamental Growth Checklist

New Content: How to Create a High Converting Lead Magnet – Workbook

New Content: https://molo9.co/resources/

Content Updated: Use a few of these tools to set up a consumer data collection system

Improvement: Added PayPal express checkout options

Improvement: Setup a 15 minute reminder to go on Telegram, Facebook & email before each Q&A session

Improvement: New account dashboard

New Offer: Launch playbook can now be purchased separately

Improvement: Website fonts changed

Improvement: The option to select which email alerts to receive.

Project Template Updated: Launch a startup

Improvement: New onboarding flow created

New Content: The Money Maker Workbook

Content Updated: Content Guidelines – 3 Page Brief

Content Updated: Content Guidelines – 1 Page Brief

Content Updated: Lead Magnet Checklist

New Process: The process I use to build websites for startups, has been added to the project management system.

New Content: Content Creation Workbook

New Content: Lead Magnet Worksheet

New Content:Content Guidelines – 3 Page Brief

New Content:Content Guidelines – 1 Page Brief

Improvement: Group sessions updated

Content Updated: The Copywriting Formulas that Drive Conversions

Feature Request Complete: Social Single Sign-on Added (note this only works if your Molo9™ account email matches that of your external account: Google, Facebook, Twitter)

Improvement: FAQ updated

Improvement: Affiliate Terms & Conditions updated to accommodate life-time commissions

Improvement: chat support ticket flow updated

Improvement: Influencer program updated

Improvement: Affiliate program updated

BugFix: notebooks error

Improvement: Updated The Fresh Start Effect

Feature Request Complete: completed migration of library content to the SEO project template 

Feature Request Complete: Setup payment options for April 13th private group session

Content Request Complete:

New Feature: Molo9™ Influencer Program

New Feature: Molo9™ Affiliate Program

Content Requests Complete:

Feature Request Complete: https://molo9.co/brainstorm-with-molo9/seo/

Feature Request Complete: Brainstorm with Molo9™ added

Improvement: FAQ enhanced

Feature Request Complete: project management templates

Request Complete: total redesign

Improvement: Added my process on how to get a startup to rank #1 for their company name. To add this to your project management portal:

  1. Go to my projects
  2. Click +New Project
  3. Click “Use a template”
  4. Select the process you want to use
  5. *Make sure that in the settings you restrict user access to just you and your team

Bug fix: Molo9™ Library crashed

Bug fix: Cyber security flagging several user accounts

Improvement: Added button to directly access project management portal from main menu

Improvement: Modified the UI of the project management portal

Improvement: Added the following to the FAQ https://molo9.co/topic/how-to-quickly-report-a-bug/

Feature Request Complete: Added my launch process to the project management portal

Feature Request Complete: Added a project management portal to Molo9™

Bug fix: Fixed issue with onboarding translations

Improvement: Added the following to the FAQ https://molo9.co/courses/faq/lessons/troubleshooting/topic/i-get-an-error-message-when-i-try-to-login/

Feature Request Complete: Added multi-lingual function

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