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Get Your First 3 Paying Customers

If you do not make money, you do not have a business, you have a hobby.

What holds most people back is asking their friends and family for money. This is a HUGE problem because a startup founder’s first 20-100+ customers are people they already know! [The first 300 people who bought Molo9™ were all first and second degree connections].

Many founders fail because they give away their product or service for free to friends & family, then run out of cash and are back in a corporate office working for someone else. To add salt to the wound, the free-loader friends & family usually end up scoffing at the failed entrepreneur’s attempts behind his (or her) back.

We’re going to get you past this obstacle right now by asking the people that you know would benefit from your new startup’s solution, to buy it from you for 75% off whatever you’re about to sell it for.

​​I know you may think that this is beneath you or gimmicky.

It’s not.

If you can’t get a loved one to spend $10 on your startup’s offer, how can you expect a “stranger on the internet” to give you $50, $100 or $1,000? 

You might feel anxious to ask—but after you get just three sales, you will feel unbelievable.

Since this is a bit daunting, let’s put a deadline on this. Send an email to everyone (who filled out your survey) in the next 30 minutes. Don’t let it hang over your head for an entire day. Remember, if they filled out your survey, they want what you are buying.

Send To: Survey respondents

Subject Line: 12 Hours left!

Hey [insert their first name],

How are you?

Remember that survey you filled out for my [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] idea?

I wanted to thank you for your help. Your feedback gave me the insight I needed to complete the Molo9™ Startup Course and win a spot in Molo9’s™ highly competitive strategic partnership program.

To thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey, I wanted to give you this coupon for 75% off the [INSERT ONE: course, program, service].

The coupon expires tonight, because my [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] goes live on the Molo9™ partner deal page tomorrow. As of tomorrow I will contractually not be able to give anyone access to the [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] for less than the price listed on the Molo9™ partner deal page, for the next 24 months!

Don’t forget to use the code tonight, because once my [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] goes live on the strategic partner’s deal page, my hands are tied and I cannot match the deal on their member’s ONLY deal page for 24 months 🙁


[INSERT your name]

PS: [Insert an inside joke or personal note]

Plan B: What if no one responds to that email?

You have two options:


What should you do if you don’t have a single survey respondent interested in paying for your startup’s offering?

  1. Rarely do people who complete this course have such a problem. If you haven’t completed this course, circle back and do it now.
  2. If you don’t want to see the frameworks that the wildly successful entrepreneurs use to create “Money Maker” businesses, you can modify this survey & send it out to more of your friends, family & following. Use the feedback from the survey to look for ways to adjust your offering so that it connects with a group of ready and eager buyers. 
  3. Consider adjusting your brand using the frameworks in this Masterclass: How to Make Your Brand Fascinating, Irresistible & Easy to Remember.


Send this email to friends and family who you know will benefit from your offer.

You can customize, copy and paste into an email or text:

Send To: A friend or family member

Subject Line: Read ASAP

Hey [insert their first name],

How are you?

I don’t know if I told you that I recently joined the Molo9™ Startup Course to learn how to launch a profitable business, selling my [INSERT ONE: course, program, service].

Well, my [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] was selected to join their strategic partner program. Starting tomorrow I will contractually not be able to sell the [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] for more than 50% off, for the next 24 months!

I wanted to let you know now because you recently mentioned that you wanted to [INSERT GOAL], which my [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] helps people to achieve in just [INSERT TIME FRAME: 3 days, 10 days, 6 weeks, etc.] so I created a 75% code for you to grab the [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] before I go live with Molo9’s™ strategic partner program tomorrow.

Don’t forget to use the code by tonight, because once my [INSERT ONE: course, program, service] goes live on Molo9’s strategic partner deal page, my hands are tied and I cannot match the deal on their members deal page for 24 months.


[INSERT your name]

PS: [Insert an inside joke or personal note]

Do you want to know how I found out that Option 2 works?

When I launched Molo9™ Y-Combinator was doing a design sprint deal. If you created a company within just two weeks and got 3 paying customers to buy your creation, you would be entered into a drawing to win $10,000 for your startup.

At the time, going to YC was my dream, so I built the first version of Molo9™ and then announced it on all of my social media channels. In my social media posts I explained that I was competing in the YC sprint so I could not give away free access to Molo9™.

I rolled out two options: one was $197 and the other was $1. I thought that maybe 10 people would buy Molo9 version 1. Four people bought the $197 option and the rest of the 300+ purchased the $1 option [in hindsight I should’ve created a $97 option too].

A few months later I learned to code, built the Molo9™ software and AppSumo accepted Molo9™ into their marketplace.

The AppSumo deal came with one restriction: I could not sell or giveaway any accounts comparable to that sold on their platform for 24 months. At first I was terrified. What would happen when friends & family asked for FREEBIES from my latest startup?

The response was shocking. When I told them that I was contractually not able to give them anything better than what was offered on the AppSumo marketplace, they went to AppSumo.com and paid for the same deal as everyone else. They also took Molo9™ more seriously because it was something that a strategic partner thought was worth placing pricing restrictions on.

So trust me, this letter will get you better results than you may think.

If you used the “strategic partnership with Molo9™” line to get buyers, send an email to SupportTeam@Molo9.group so that we can actually add your offer to our deals page.


How did it feel to get your first three paying customers? Post a picture of you sitting in front of your payment dashboard In the Telegram Group and share how it felt so others can celebrate with you 🙂

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