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Crucial Website Content

In preparation for our launch to the public (aka strangers on the internet), we want to now add specific content to our website. This content will convey to website visitors that our startup is in fact a real & trustworthy company that they can feel confident to buy from.

Website pages to include:

  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Contact page
  4. Product / service pages
    1. Include testimonials & reviews here
  5. Social proof pages
  1. Portfolio, work samples or case studies
  2. Client logos & testimonials
  3. FAQ & Customer Support

Content to include on the home page:

  1. Company Logo
  2. Header menu with no more than 5 options
  3. Clear CTA
  4. Trust Builders, such as: testimonials, client logos, certifications, stats, qualifications, awards, endorsements from industry experts, etc. 
  5. Featured: posts, videos or resources (only put these on the homepage if you have a longer sales cycle, like that seen in enterprise sales).

The following questions should be answered by the time someone scrolls to the bottom of the home page:

  1. What problem do you solve for your customers?
  2. Who has worked with you before?
  3. What services (books, courses, products, etc) do you offer?
  4. If you have a free blog, what are your top 3 blog posts?
  5. What is the best way for someone to move forward with their purchase?

Links to include in your website header:

  1. Logo – hyperlinked to home page of the website
  2. Blog or resource portal
  3. Pricing, buy now, product catalog or booking page
  4. Contact support or FAQ
  5. Login (if applicable)

Links to include in your website footer:

  1. Legal information (this can include links to: affiliate disclosures, privacy policy, terms of use, cookie policy, copyright, etc. NOTE: I am not a lawyer, you should ask your lawyer which documents you need to link to in this section).
  2. Careers (This link should be included in your footer, on Day 16 I go through the best way to set this page up).
  3. Contact information. If you have a brick & mortar location this should include your physical address & real phone number. If you do not have a physical location for customers to visit, this can just be an email address, contact form, or link to a contact us page (example).
  4. About Page
  5. Affiliate application (some people who come to your website will have clout in your industry, but not need your service. They’ll jump to the footer to see if your business gives them an opportunity to monetize their following.)
  6. Social icons. Someone might come to your site, go to a social media platform and then come back to your site to buy what you are selling. If you have the social icons on your site, they can go directly to your social media profile or page in a new tab & then come back. How can you track this? Currently with Sharp Spring. If you’d like to use MD9’s™ agency discount to get $100 per month off of your subscription book a call here & a member of the MD9™ team will set you up.
  7. Product tour, or menu of your services. You would be amazed by how often MD9™ has been hired by a service business that is having trouble getting website traffic to convert, because they don’t have their services clearly outlined on their website.
  8. Case studies or customer stories. Along with services, case studies can have a HUGE impact on converting website visitors into buyers. Check out MD9™’s case studies page here.
  9. Press kit
  10. 10. Freebies (such as a blog, resource portal, books, courses, etc). At MD9™ we found that after including a free resource portal in our website footer, the number of inquiries from people looking for a free consultation to try to get free advice  decreased by more than 1800%.
  11. 11. Website designer (it’s really really really annoying to get a notification that someone you thought might be a prospective client, just wants to know who designed your website). To cut these out, I started adding “designed by” and “built by” to the footer of all of our websites.

Content to include on the about page:

  1. A brief history or a metaphorical story of how your company helps customers. 
  2. Testimonials
  3. A call to action (CTA)
  4. If you want to showcase your team & don’t have a team page yet, you can add a photo of you and / or your team to the about page. People on this page should be looking at the camera or towards the text on the page.

Content to include on the services page:

  1. Service title
  2. Short summary
  3. What are the benefits? Focus on benefits, not features.
    1. What can they achieve?
    2. When they can expect to achieve it?
    3. Do you have case studies & testimonials supporting this?
  4. How does it work?
  5. FAQ
  6. Call-to-action

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