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Guerrilla Marketing

What is a guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is the adult-world equivalent of a classic high school senior prank. For this reason it is hands-down one of my favorite marketing strategies to implement. When done right, guerrilla marketing leads to A TON of free chatter on social media & free press coverage.

Examples of guerrilla marketing:

This was a brilliant move that lead to A LOT of free social media chatter and press coverage for Patagonia in the fall of 2020.

Take Action:

  1. Guerrilla marketing campaigns can be a HUGE success or total failure, so follow this guide to make sure that you really understand what your target market would react positively to before you proceed.
  2. Next nail your message using one of these tried and true “high converting” formulas.
  3. Get the necessary licenses & permits to carry out your stunt.
  4. Hire a PR rep, film crew (or friend with a smartphone) to document the stunt so that you can publish it to social media.

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