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Add Chat Support to Your Website

Can you remember the last time you used chat support to quickly get help on a company’s website?

 The amazing thing about chat support, if done right, is that it provides your company with a quadruple win. You can (1) learn what prospective buyers prioritize & (2) build rapport with them, (3) while increasing website conversions, and (4) improving search engine rankings. 

How does chat support help improve our SEO?

Search engines look at something called “session time“. If you have longer session time on certain pages on your website, search engines will assume that there is something view-worthy on those pages and bring them higher in organic search engine rankings.

Because chat support keeps a website visitor on your website for longer, it allows you to easily increase your session time and decrease your bounce rate.

Secondary & tertiary effects of chat support


When you have active customer support on your website people are less likely to take to social media to rant about a problem with your company because they can go directly to your website to get it resolved quickly. This has a positive impact on your brand’s perception on social media. 

Customer conversions (GCR) & retention (LTV)

Chat support allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the customer experience and be there to quickly address any issues that a customer might have. Because of this, chat support tends to lead to better conversion rates and lower churn.

Internal costs

The downside of offering chat support is that it requires manpower. This can be a problem, especially for smaller companies that don’t have a team of 40 people devoted to just answering chat support tickets. If this is you, consider using an application like ZenDesk which converts tickets to emails if you’re offline, or FreshDesk which offers a support tickets method that allows you 48 hours to respond to inquiries.

What about chatbots?

If you are not in a position where you can afford to offer chat support, you can still get many of the same perks using an automated chat bot. Chatbots can be used to direct website visitors, complete online bookings and process transactions. Here is one example of what this looks like: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/for-eu-user-fashion-store-bot. There are more examples over here: https://templates.botstar.com/.

KPIs to track to measure the impact of chat support on your website:

  1. Session time
  2. Churn
  3. LTV
  4. Gross revenue

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