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Testimonials: This Is How to Use Them to Build Trust & Drive Sales

When creating your startup solution it is very easy to get trapped in your own head & believe that your solution is easy to understand and intuitive to use. Don’t worry we have all been there at some point.

When it comes to communicating the value of your startup, you may use industry jargon that is not easily understood by those who would LOVE to use your product, but don’t because you did not explain what it does in words that they easily understand. 

When I told people that Molo9™ was an online repository of my marketing playbooks, 300 people signed up. When I added the software to Molo9™.com and explained the software as a “marketing recommendation engine” software sales stalled. Then I changed it to say “Molo9™ gives you access to the exact processes that can help you achieve [specific goals] in [really fast time frames]” and sales increased by more than 26,000% in just a few months. 

I didn’t come up with that explanation on my own, I pulled it from the testimonials written by happy customers. Here are a few examples of what happy customers have had to say about the Molo9™ software: 

Here are a few example of how other companies use this same tactic:

 Take action:

  1. Take all of the reviews posted by your clients. If you don’t have any, use this process to collect a few.
  2. Put the reviews into a text editor like Pages or Microsoft Word and read them slowly. Line by line.
  3. Pull out key phrases that you feel totally describe what your company does, add them to your website, advertisement or email as customer quotes.

When your ideal customers read these quotes they will think “wow, this founder totally understands my problem”. This is the goal, this is where the money flows. 

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