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How to collect high converting copy from your happy customers

When creating your startup solution it is very easy to get trapped in your own head & believe that your solution is easy to understand and intuitive to use. Don’t worry we have all been there at some point, that is why UX and UI designers exist and books like this are at the top of every startup founder’s “must read” list.

Similarly, when it comes to communicating the value of your startup, you may use industry jargon that is not easily understood by those who would LOVE to use your product…if only they could understand what it can do for them.

When I told people that Molo9™ was a marketing recommendation engine, 300 people signed up. When I said “Molo9™ is like a GPS for marketing, guiding your unique business to reach your unique goals” Molo9’s™ customer acquisition took off. I didn’t come up with that on my own, scroll down to see the process.

Example of customer quotes in use:

Image Source

Take action:

  1. Take all of the reviews posted by your clients. If you don’t have any, read this.
  2. Put the reviews into a text editor like Pages or Microsoft Word and read them off line by line.
  3. Pull out strings of text (aka key phrases) that you feel totally describe what your company does, add them to your website, advertisement or email as a quote.
  4. When potential customers read these they will think “wow, this founder totally gets me”. This is the goal.

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