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Publish your story as a case study

Like podcasts & press coverage, case studies can allow people to get to know your company in a more intimate way.  

Unlike paid advertising, they allow you to market your company to people via the most trust-building of ways. In studying how a company uses a solution to better meet the needs of their customers, readers of case studies tend to develop a strong sense of loyalty to the brands they read about. 

In business school, after my class read the Swatch case study, many of my classmates went out and bought, not one, but several Swatch watches because the case study spoke about how the price and design of swatches were both made, to enable swatch owners to express themselves through the swatches they wore for each mood and occasion. 

After the Starbucks case study, a large percentage of my classmates became Starbucks groupies, going to each location in Madrid to study the various layouts which changed based on each location’s foot traffic patterns. 

I think every growth hacking book I’ve ever read has claimed that leaving testimonials is an easy win, but one scroll through this page & you’ll see why writing case studies is a far more effective customer acquisition strategy than a 2-5 line testimonial.

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