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How to choose the right brand archetype

Why should this be the first step in marketing your company? In the words of Scott Jeffrey…

“Archetypes are at the core of effective marketing. They provide the most powerful way to attract the right customers. But archetypes are often misunderstood”

Scott Jeffrey

What is a brand archetype?

Well, there are actually 12 brand archetypes. They are explained in this quick video:

Take action:

If, after watching the video above if you want help with choosing your brand archetype, this is currently my favorite free guide on the web: https://www.anansicontent.com/blog/how-to-choose-your-brand-archetype-in-4-steps.

  1. Check out this guide
  2. Browse archetype mood boards over here
  3. Select your brand archetype
  4. Create epic content using one of our workbooks or checklists.

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