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Tricks to use when advertising on social media

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None of the information covered in here is to be interpreted as the only way to pursue an objective. Here I simply share the frameworks, parameters & guidelines I use to pursue and successfully reach various objectives.

How aging social media platforms impact your business

In Social Media Algorithms Demystified, we covered how social media algorithms are born. What we did not go into is how they age. The reason that new social media platforms continue to develop and succeed has to do with the way older social media algorithms treat your content. 

As older platforms make it more difficult for new businesses and small businesses to get free organic reach, young and new social media platforms step in to save the day.  As you might have noticed by now, Instagram and Facebook have spent millions of dollars figuring out how to make the most “ad money” from each user, every time they go on one of those platforms. 

So what does this mean for you as a business owner?

There are tactics that you can use to get better costs for your ads. I wish that, like LinkedIn, there was an easy trick for you to use to quickly build a following on these platforms but unfortunately it has become a “pay to play” space. 

How to still get growth on Facebook & Instagram

For this reason, if pew research indicates that you need to find a way to grow organically on Instagram or Facebook, I would suggest starting with a group on Facebook and on Instagram I would highly recommend you join Lizzie’s program. Her Instagram posse program has helped brand new accounts to get 10,000 authentic high engaging followers in as little as three months. 

I know that sometimes her program closes, Specifically when it gets to maximum capacity but it rarely remains closed for more than two or three days. If you go to her site and see that they are not accepting new people into her Instagram growth program just set a reminder to check out her website again two days later and it should be open. 

If you participate in her program and decide that you would like to use the forums here to start your own Instagram pods you’re more than welcome to do so although in my experience her program requires a lot less effort than creating, running and managing a manual pod. 

The tricks to paying less for ads on social media

OK so enough about instagram, now let’s talk about ads. There are a few very simple tactics that you can use right now to start seeing your cost per click go down. Start by talking with Molo9 about advertising on social media.

What to do with comments on your ads

Keep in mind that algorithms favor businesses that are engaging frequently with their customers so if you respond to comments on your ads, you tend to get more reach for less money. 

This point is obnoxious, but you’re not here for me to lie to you so let’s just get real for a second. Competitors will create fake accounts that they will use to post negative comments on your ads, delete them. Once you delete them these competitors usually make some comment about you deleting their negative comment delete that too. I am not kidding. I cannot tell you how many times I have been working on a launch and literally the first thing I had to do every morning tor the first two weeks was: wake up, go into the clients Facebook page and delete all the negative comments that had been posted most recently by competitors. It is an unfortunate use of technology, but that is the world we live in so just delete them, go grab your favorite drink and move on with your day. 

What to do when your ads randomly increase in price

The next thing you should know is there is phenomenon called ad fatigue. Basically, you could have somebody who may really love your product but they don’t like the image or the messaging that you used & everyone who resonated with that specific ad set already converted into a customer. When you notice that you’re running a specific set of ads and the cost per click starts to increase that means that you’re experiencing the symptoms of ad fatigue. Fortunately it is very easy to cure this, just come up with new advertising. Click on this link to get some inspiration for a new ad copy and you can go over to this part of the MD9 on client repository to browse mood boards featuring hundreds of successful ads. 

Use the pause button

The best thing about advertising on social media, and the reason so many startups begin with this, is that it is one of the most easy advertising channels to control. If your website starts to get too much traffic from social media ads you can simply pause your ads. Whereas if you run a PR campaign, purchase a billboard or place an ad in print media and you get too much traffic, you cannot turn it off.

I have literally sat at the right hand of founders as their faces go white and they start cursing their heads off because they did not expect the ad to be so successful and when hundreds of thousands of people came to their websites this flood of traffic crashed the sites.

On other occasions I have been the growth hacker behind the scenes running around creating new chat bot workflows so that we could relieve the customer support team of the hundreds of thousands of people suddenly pouring in to ask a question after they saw an ad in their favorite magazine.

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