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Make your headshot consistent everywhere

If you are the founding member of a company, you are your company’s number one brand ambassador. How you write on social media, speak to the press & present yourself to the public, it’s all on the table and subject to scrutiny once you launch your company.

If you notice that your company is not growing the way you had hoped, here is another subtle silver bullet that you can use to signal to the world that you are ready to step into your role as C_ _ & be the professional that everyone would love to work with.

Choose one headshot. Yes, just one and make it consistent across all of your social media profiles. Make the same move with your cover photo, tagline & bio.

Then congratulate yourself on taking another step towards becoming the executive who has a team of assistants answering all of her calls, emails and messages.

Next, if you are in the B2B space: choose 4 prestigious brands and volunteer at least one hour a month at each. This may seem trivial, but the bulk of my business has come from referrals I received via the connections I’ve made through these programs.

Hey [usermeta field=”first_name”],

Are you getting all of the emails that you wanted? You can edit them here at anytime:

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