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Tools to set up a consumer data collection system for your digital assets

While 91% of CMOs believe that data driven decisions MAKE brands successful, a mere 11% use data to make business decisions today. This is really strange because countless studies have found that marketers who actually do leverage data make better business decisions that result in a 241% increase in: customer acquisition, customer retention & customer engagement (from events, to online content).

This 241% begs the question, which data is giving those data-driven marketers this money-making insight & where can you get some sexy data just like it?

The specific apps listed below will give your marketing, sales and product freelancers, contractors, employees or teams access to the information they need to make revenue generating decisions.

Take Action:

Click the links below to create your accounts with the following apps:

  1. Google Analytics — FREE.  Google Analytics tracks and analyzes your website traffic & activity to let you know about things like the: 
    1. Session duration, 
    2. Pages viewed per session & 
    3. Bounce rate of individuals visiting your website. 
    4. Google Analytics also tells you where your website visitors came from, 
    5. Which pages they spent the most time looking at & 
    6. Which pages drove them away from your website. 

Information like this can help you to identify the types of content that turn website visitors into buyers & the types of information that scare prospective buyers away. Click here to learn how to setup your free Google Analytics account

  1. Google Search Console — FREE. Google Search Console helps you to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s presence in the Google Search Engine results. After you create a free account you will begin to receive alerts anytime Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues with ranking your website. Click here to learn how to setup your free Google Search Console account.
  2. Hotjar — Freemium. Hotjar combines analytics and feedback tools to give you a clear view of how to improve your site’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), making it easy for you to determine the best way to improve website conversion rates. Click here to setup a Freemium Hotjar account.
  3. SpyFu — Premium. SpyFu provides you with a database of juicy information on your most successful competitors. You can use SpyFu to:
    1. See where your most successful competitors have appeared on Google, 
    2. View every keyword they’ve purchased via Google Ads, 
    3. See the highest preforming organic content of your most successful competitors, and
    4. View every ad variation they have used over the past 14 years. 

Click here to setup a Premium SpyFu account.

BONUS: I use these regularly with startups after they accumulate more than 1000 customers: 

  1. Mixpanel – Premium. Mixpanel gives you a deeper look into user behavior on your website or in your app. It is like Hotjar, except where Hotjar gives you 1000s of user recordings to look through, Mixpanel allows you to view charts sorted by specific user behaviors & activities. 
  2. Awario – Premium, is an amazing social media marketing tool that tracks your brand mentions, monitor competitors, finds sales opportunities, influencers, and also helps to engage with your online audience.

ANOTHER BONUS: If you have a tech savvy person on your startup team ask them to setup Segment.com as this will allow you to effortlessly add and remove marketing & data analytics tools as the needs, goals, roles and size of your team evolve over time.

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