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The Secret Guide to Establishing Domain Authority

“What we present first changes the way people experience what we present to them next.”

-Robert Cialdini

Because of this psychological phenomenon, Establishing Domain Authority is one of those marketing projects where the order in which you implement each step has a HUGE impact on the size of your results.

Follow this exact order, do not skip any steps.

1. Synchronize Your Headshot

Synchronize your headshot & scrub your social media accounts before you do anything else.

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2. Use the Authority Effect

Find a micro-niche where you can claim the #1 spot.

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3. Add an FAQ

This is how to create one that drives sales, establishes domain authority & improves SEO.

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4. Add Testimonials

This is how to use them to build trust & drive sales.

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5. Complete Your Website

Before you aim to guest appear on podcasts, make sure that you have everything in this list on your company website.

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6. Get on Podcasts

The easy process to guest appear on podcasts.

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7. Join LinkendIn Pods

After you guest appear on a podcast, share a link to that show on your LinkedIn & use this trick to increase the post’s exposure.

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These are not as CRUCIAL as the tasks above. They can be done at any point in time, in any order.

8. Give Out Awards

Distribute awards to establish authority.

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9. Get Press Coverage

A new revision, based on the latest tests, will be replacing this resource soon.

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10. Adopt Early

This is why it is in your best interest to be an early adopter of a new social media platform.

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11. Convert Buyers Into Followers

Easily convert your customers into followers by offering points.

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