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LinkedIn Automated Pods

LinkedIn’s latest time sensitive 🔥growth hack 🔥. It lead MD9™ to go from 0 to 51 authentic followers in just one week 🤑!

Lempod is a boom & bust growth hack 📊. After testing the app for several months here is what I can say about the experience:

Lempod costs $5 per month per pod, not bad. What is? 

Your goal should be for LinkedIn’s algorithm to deduce that you had some massive spike in engagement with your next LinkedIn post because of an offline event and you are now therefore an influencer who should get more organic reach (aka free exposure). How does Lempod help AND hurt this?

To get consistent growth you need to join a new pod every 3rd post, or LinkedIn will deduce that you are not building a following, just a new group of friends. This means that after you have 3 posts engaged with by the same 20-70 people (members of your current pods), your future posts will only be shown to those people unless you join more pods. By the time you reach 30 posts you’re paying $50 per month & investing too many hours into writing 100s of comments for each new post. In addition to this, Lempod requires the account holder to comment on the posts of other pod members. Why is this bad?

  1. Novices in your pod (who do not understand ranking algorithms) reach out with a message that mentions you’re in the same lempod 🤦‍♀️. In our tests, every single time an account responded to such invitations, their organic reach plummeted (from more than 12,000 views on a post, to less than 2,000 on the next post). 
  2. In our tests we also found that whichever LinkedIn account was tied to the lempod account, was flooded of connection requests from people trying to sell things that the account holder neither wanted nor needed, thereby turning their inbox into a flood of spam. 

What is the solution?

Join Podawaa. As you can read here, Podawaa takes much more into account with how their app interacts with the LinkedIn algorithm 🎉

Podawaa also did a better job of choosing who to expose their application to, so you get less spam in your inbox.


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