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Referral points for social media follows

What is it?

An addition to your referral program where customers earn extra points for following each of your social media accounts.

Here is the breakdown of how XTEND set this up:

1] A week after I placed an order they sent the following email:

Image Source

2] If you click the black button you’re taken to their website, but this time a chat window is already open.

3] If I click on Earning Points, I’m taken to this view:

4] If I click Redeem Points, I’m taken to this view:

Image Source

5] If I click signup, I’m taken to this page:

Image Source

6] After this, the chatbot changes to show me my points & my referral coupon code

Image Source

** Here is the coupon code if you want $20 off your first order ; ) https://officialxtend.com/a/rewards/r/DVOQJa58

7] The Earning Points section also changes

Take Action:

  1. Install the app here
  2. Use this fact sheet by Pew Research (charts below) to determine where your target market is
  3. Give users EXTRA points for joining the platforms where your target market is most active #socialproof.


Beware of graphs like the one below. Just because a platform is “more popular” does NOT mean that you will have better luck acquiring customers there. One of my clients over at MD9™ has amassed more than $140,000,000 USD in sales and her company’s LinkedIn page has 9 likes. Yes that is a single digit, no typo.

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