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Have you ever visited a website and wondered:

  1. What does this company do?
  2. What are they supposed to be selling?
  3. Which button should I click on?

If you have a low GCR, you may have unwittingly placed your CTA (call to action) and value proposition in the wrong location. Websites are designed for scanning, not reading. If you have a weekend free to hide away and read through the book Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, you will notice that the book’s advice can transform your GCR overnight. For now, we will focus on the section above the fold.

What is it?

GTTP stands for get to the point. When creating a landing page we may get swept away in the story and forget websites are designed for scanning, not reading. When a user lands on your home page, they should know within 10 seconds if your business does in fact offer the solution they are looking for. Below are some examples that will hopefully help you to come up with a succinct headline for your own home page.


Image Source
Image Source
Image Source
Image Source
Image Source
Image Source
Image Source
Image Source (they’re a Molo9™ affiliate)

Take Action:

  1. When users come to your website what do you want them to do? Put a field or button in the top row of your website to make it easy for them to complete that action. This field / button is referred to as a CTA (call to action).
  2. Above the button write one sentence in large font (as in <h1> fellow tech nerds) that summarizes what you do. This is called a headline.
  3. Between the headline and the CTA, if you would like to put a SHORT paragraph you may do so.
  4. Now go through the rest of your landing page and make sure that all of your CTAs point users to the same action.

Hey [usermeta field=”first_name”],

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