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The Mere Exposure Effect

I also call this “The Brand Impression Game”.

What is it?

It takes between 6 & 27 brand impressions for us to feel comfortable with a new brand. The mere-exposure effect occurs when, after experiencing this high number of brand impressions, a consumer develops a preference for the brand.

Smart marketers strategically build a new brand using specific formulas & tactics like these to instill a false sense of familiarity. So instead of 27 brand impressions it may only take 6 or 7.

A few brands that play the “brand impression game” fiercely & consistently:

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Take action:

The easiest way to leverage the Mere Exposure effect is by retargeting website visitors with digital paid ads. The retargeting process, depicted below, can be used to collect brand impressions rapidly amongst your website visitors who did not convert.

Image Source

How does it work?

Google, Facebook & countless other tech companies have various methods through which they enable you to easily retarget website visitors. If you click here you can see a full list of the current software solutions out there. Each company has a different way of tracking & retargeting, but at a high-level, they all equip you with the ability to run retargeting campaigns that target visitors of specific pages with specific ads.

There are dozens of other, organic ways that you can leverage the mere exposure effect, although they do tend to take longer & offer less control over the customer journey. To view the strategies that would work best for you, in your settings select “high CAC”.

To learn more about retargeting check out this guide.

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