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The Secret Guide to Optimize Your Website for Maximum Conversions

Also known as: CRO


0. Setup Your Tracking System

You cannot know what works if you do not track your website traffic. This is how to setup your website tracking system.

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1. Sell the Benefits

Sell the outcome, not the item.

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2. Quote Your Happiest Customers

This is how to use testimonials to build trust & drive sales.

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3. Use Price Anchoring

This is an easy trick that drives sales.

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4. Setup the Refer a Friend Later Automation

Get your happy customers bringing in their friends.

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5. Use Easily Readable Fonts

These fonts maximize website conversions.

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6. Add Chat Support

Can you remember the last time you used chat support to quickly get help on a company’s website?

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7. Use PAST S. ROC

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Establish Domain Authority
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