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1:17 privacy warning regarding youtube video 

3:18 Adi specializes in blitzscaling 

5:10 start today’s topic, paid ads are more than just facebook and google ads 

5:50 people like facebook and google ads for advanced targeting features

6:50 niche product example that benefits from other forms of paid ads

8:15 good fact sheet source for targeting ads from pew research: https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/fact-sheet/social-media/

9:39 what is ad fatigue 

11:17 notice when you have exhausted an acquisition channel for the time being 

14:18 SEO is always important 

15:16 if paid ads are not increasing purchases after a week or two it’s time to step back and see what is wrong 

22:30 if you have everything in check but the paid ads seem a bit expensive move to a different customer acquisition channel 

24:51 midlife crisis hour for impulse products 

28:00 golden hours for ads vary depending on product and some change constantly 

28:46 how to do re-marketing with paid ads after email campaign 

29:30 if you can engage with your paid ads then responding to peoples comments on the ads can bring the price of the ad down 

31:03 if competitors leave negative comments just delete them don’t engage 

32:03 social media algorithms detect product placement in posts and lower the amount of people that see that content, to compel you to purchase ads for those posts

Never miss another workshop, AMA or live Q&A. Click the button below to subscribe.

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