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0:00 Introduction https://molo9.co/live-qas/

5:14 Meet 9apple™ https://9apple.co/  

6:07 Overview of today 

7:12 What is an automation

9:21 What are a few easy marketing automatons to start out with?


10:15 Next try setting up your own chatbot


10:58 Chatbot impact on SEO


11:30 Automating scheduling client calls https://10to8.com/

12:41 Segment, overview, pros & cons https://segment.com/

15:59 Sharpspring overview, pros & cons https://sharpspring.com/

18:02 Hotjar overview & why you should start using it now (BONUS: use Hotjar to catch IP thieves early on) : https://www.hotjar.com/ 

22:14 Mailchimp is a great place to start with preliminary email marketing automations http://mailchimp.com/ 

Email Marketing Repository https://github.com/sourabh-joshi/awesome-quincy-larson-emails 

25:02 How use AdRoll to automatically retarget email subscribers


This leverages The Mere Exposure Effect https://molo9.co/the-mere-exposure-effect/ 

26:46 This tool automates writing high performing sales copy

The new Molo9™ Content Brainstorming Space https://molo9.co/molo9-recs-silver-bullets-2/ 

29:45 How to automate affiliate tracking

Tool recommendations: 


The WP Affiliate Program https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/wordpress-affiliate-platform-plugin-simple-affiliate-program-for-wordpress-blogsite-1474 

33:43 Two automations that offer growth hacks

34:25 Transition 

35:01 How to become a Molo9™ Beta tester & earn freebies


35:35 Questions from the audience

43:21 Walkthrough Molo9’s™ new features


47:05 Closing comments & final questions: 


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