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You are reading this email because I (or someone else) believe(s) that you are absolutely brilliant.

I (or they) need you to know this because there is a problem.

This problem is best expressed in the words of Charles Bukowski:

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

The irony with this, is that as I write this email, I struggle with a fear that you might not want to read it.

Yes. As I am writing you an email telling you to move past your doubts & fears, I myself, am doubting if I should even be the one to write this email.

But here’s the thing. We are all filled with doubt at some point. I am currently pushing past my doubts & fears because I know that this email series will help at least one reader.

It will help one of you to finish a project.

It will help one of you to launch your first company.

It may help you find the courage to accept an invitation to guest appear on a podcast.

Whatever it helps you to do. I’m proud of you. The first step towards success is a step worth being proud of.

So what if you mess up here and there. As long as you get back up and try again, I will be proud of your progress & you should be too.

So here is your first “Adi Soozin Pep Talk”:

(We may not know each other yet so I will keep this one brief)

You are brilliant and what you are doing is brilliant. You may not know where your brilliance best fits into this world, but to achieve anything of value you must first acknowledge two facts:

  1. You are brilliant, and
  2. The world needs your brilliance

If you are contemplating using your brilliance to launch a new company, click here to see the resource that I have created to help you do this.

If you are using your brilliance to benefit the world through your epic marketing skills, we would love to have you join our community & maybe even our mastermind.

Whatever you decide, I just have one request.

Please, please, please do not give up.

Do not get distracted and do not listen to the negative voices around you, even the ones inside your own head.

The world needs your magic.

Please share it with us.

Stay magical,

Adi Soozin

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