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The greatest stories & movies are not about the mundane existence of someone who lived in fear and let fear win.

They are about the main character’s pursuit of an epic outcome.

What is an epic outcome that you dream of?

What is stopping you from pursuing it?

If you were lying in bed at the end of your life, would you regret NOT pursuing this epic outcome?

When I’m hesitating to do something that I know could lead to an amazing outcome (or total failure) I recall this quote:

“Waiting until you know exactly what you’re doing or until all the circumstances are just right or until you have a large pile of extra cash lying around is the best way to wake up at ninety-seven years old, fishing your teeth out of a cup by the bed, wondering what the hell happened to the life you were so excited to live. Procrastination is just fear in the form of breaks, and fear is not the boss of you.”

– Jen Sincero

If you are afraid of totally screwing up, don’t be.

We all make mistakes.

Some of us call them mistakes, others call them “research & development” 😉

The next time you are afraid of messing up, Google “R&D annual budget of Apple”. This year $27.654B was spent on research & development. This means that they spent billions making mistake, after mistake, after mistake, until the desired outcome was achieved.

If Apple allows it’s team to spend $27.654B on making & learning from mistakes; I think we can agree that you can allow yourself a little leeway too.

Take the leap and remember the words of Willa Cather.

“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”

Stay magical,

Adi Soozin

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