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Close More Sales

1. Start Here

The recommendations you will see in here are unique to your business, based on the KPIs you’ve shared with Molo9™.

Click on the drop down menus below to filter results by cost, time & keyword.

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2. Add Your Silver Bullets

It’s a mouthful to constantly say “the consumer psychology tricks that will help you sell more”, so we call them silver bullets.

Over the past decade Adi Soozin has discovered that there are more than 48 of these silver bullets, but only a few will work for a specific type of business at a specific point in time. Below is a list of those that will work best for you (based on the information you have provided here).

Include 1-3 of these in each piece of content (emails, paid ads, website text, podcast interviews, etc) to experience higher conversions & sales.

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3. Add Testimonials

This is how to use them to build trust & drive sales.

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4. Add an Affiliate Program

Launch a temporarily high paying affiliate program to offload your sales work to those with large followings.

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5. Use the +1 Effect

Also known as the One-Time-Offer is an easy way to quickly drive more sales.

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6. Pair Ads With Emails

Re-marketing with paid ads after an email campaign.

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