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The +1 Effect

What is it?

The +1 Effect is the name given to a psychological tactic used by marketing strategists to influence consumer behavior.

It is simply an “up-sell” option added to your checkout process.

When smart marketers added “up-sell” (aka add-on) options to their checkout processes, they found that more buyers completed the checkout process.

Why? People feel more safe and secure when they are in a position where they are socially empowered to say “no”. By adding a small “bonus” item that could easily be turned down, smart marketers found that more buyers moved confidently forward with their purchases.

Here are three examples:

How & where to implement:

When it comes to shopping online, add +1 options to the checkout process, by emulating the UX used in the images above. For more examples like this click 1 or 2.

In consulting, B2B & enterprise contract negotiations you can offer additional support via the phone, email or routine visits.

In professional training courses you can offer an add-on of a book, excel or webinar.

In entertainment there are snack and “souvenir” options.

In restaurants ask something like:

  • Would you like a side of _____ with your order?
  • Would you like coffee, tea or dessert?

In retail place small “impulse items” near the register. If you don’t know what I am referring to, visit the checkout section of a Zara, Sephora, H&M, Walmart or a grocery store and take note of the small, cheap items that they have next to the register.

Are there secondary benefits of the +1 effect?

Yes. Some customers will actually want your +1 offer and purchase it when given the option.

Read more on upselling:

  1. https://optinmonster.com/upselling-tips-and-examples/
  2. https://www.optimonk.com/increase-your-conversions-sales-with-upselling-cross-selling-examples/

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