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A few weeks ago I was struck by an adversary twice my size.

I had a panic attack.

I called the only person I knew who had been able to remain calm & come out “on-top” when the world was ablaze around him.

He was an executive at a US bank on Wall Street when the 2008 crisis unfurled. He is now the CEO of a rapidly growing US bank.

When I shared what had happened, Mr. VS chuckled and reminded me that nobody likes to face such an experience.

I asked him how he did it. I needed to know how he was able to maintain the calm & clear minded composure of an Emergency Room surgeon, when the world was ablaze with fortunes vanishing, economies collapsing and careers ending all around him.

He told me that, in addition to his regular religious practices (he’s a devout Christian), he recited three affirmations to himself each morning.

Here they are:

  1. Today is going to be a good day. No matter what happens, at least one good thing will happen today.
  2. Today I am going to give 110%
  3. Today I am going to make sure those around me are set up to be successful with what they do.

In speaking with his team, Mr. VS shared that he also tells his team that “We should not get caught up in our achievements. They are great, but our best days are still ahead of us.”

He strongly believes that when you walk into a situation expecting the best possible outcome, you will attract it. When you walk into a situation expecting a horrible outcome, you will attract that too. So it is imperative to remain upbeat.

If you read the book The Billion Dollar Secret by Rafael Badziag you will quickly notice that this idea of remaining positive in the face of adversity tends to be repeated among many of the world’s top performers.

If you need a few book recommendations to help you shift to this positive mindset, here are my recommendations:

  1. The Billion Dollar Secret by Rafael Badziag
  2. The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy
  3. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

These three affirmations & three books helped me to quickly catapult out of a very dark mindset, I hope that they will bring you an equal measure of success.


Adi Soozin

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