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Links mentioned in this video: 

1. Here is how to get started with using chatbots to improve your SEO: https://molo9.co/courses/seo-crash-course-for-ambitious-entrepreneurs/lessons/the-seo-tactics-you-should-start-using-today/topic/chatbots/ 

2. Here are a few quick tricks that can 10x your SEO, GCR & Operational Efficiency https://molo9.co/courses/adis-favorite-tools-resources/lessons/adi-soozins-checklists/topic/the-hack-to-10x-your-seo-cro-operational-efficiency/

3. This is how to use embeds to improve your SEO https://molo9.co/courses/seo-crash-course-for-ambitious-entrepreneurs/lessons/the-seo-tactics-you-should-start-using-today/topic/embeds-booking-portals/ 

4. This is how to use booking portal integrations to improve your SEO https://molo9.co/courses/seo-crash-course-for-ambitious-entrepreneurs/lessons/the-seo-tactics-you-should-start-using-today/topic/booking-portals/ 

5. This is how to use meetups & workshops to improve your SEO https://molo9.co/courses/seo-crash-course-for-ambitious-entrepreneurs/lessons/the-seo-tactics-you-should-start-using-today/topic/meetups-workshops/ 

6. This is how to use PR & podcasts to improve your SEO https://molo9.co/courses/seo-crash-course-for-ambitious-entrepreneurs/lessons/the-seo-tactics-you-should-start-using-today/topic/pr-podcasts/ 

7. This is how to easily & quickly turn out high performing SEO content without guessing https://molo9.co/courses/seo-crash-course-for-ambitious-entrepreneurs/lessons/the-seo-tactics-you-should-start-using-today/topic/how-to-create-a-piece-of-high-valued-content-in-less-than-a-day/  

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9. You will see Molo9’s™ affiliate program here:  https://molo9.co/my-account/affiliate-program/ 

10. **For the rest of February if you are a Molo9™ member, you can join our affiliate program here to get paid $50 per new customer you refer to Molo9™ (Terms & Conditions apply): https://molo9.co/my-account/affiliate-report/ (in March this will drop back to $30 per new customer referred)

Tools recommended during this session:

1. https://molo9.co/topic/gohire-io/

2. https://molo9.co/topic/spyfu/  

3. https://molo9.co/topic/affiliate-programs-plugins/ 

Books recommended during this session:

1. Virtual Freedom https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18406455-virtual-freedom

2. SEO by Adam Clarke https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56476291-seo-2021-learn-search-engine-optimization-with-smart-internet-marketing

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