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About our Program

Our program is led by one of the world’s leading growth hackers. Since 2009 Adi Soozin has helped businesses around the world to achieve remarkable success. This fall we are launching a program just for marketing agency owners. Through Adi’s guidance and expertise, you will learn how to transform your agency into a money-printing machine.

This is how we help you every step of the way :

Exclusive small-group calls every other week throughout the duration of the program.
Media training to ace your podcast interviews.
All resources and recordings stored in one portal.
Ongoing support and networking via a private forum.
Expert support email replies within 3-5 business days.
Growth-pod match-up. Growth pods have been monumental to my career development, which is why I want to teach you how to join (or create) one (or two, or three).

Phase 1:

The $12,000 PR Project

Want to know how to establish domain authority in just a few easy steps?

In this phase you learn how to easily secure guest interviews and press coverage for your clients, quickly elevating them as experts in their industry. Adi Soozin’s insider tips will make you a PR powerhouse, delivering massive value to your clients thereby enticing them to lock-in for life.

  • Workshops: 3
  • Workshop Frequency: Once every other week.
  • Support: E-mail support & access to an exclusive forum focused solely on PR.
  • Sales trick: During this phase you learn how to easily get guest interviews and press coverage for your clients. The goal is to get them four guest features & then ask if they’d like to continue to receive this service on a monthly basis.
  • BONUS: I have 120 business owners I’ll be pitching this project to, those in this cohort who are ready, will have their business’s information forwarded to these leads as “certified providers”.

Phase 2:

The $15,000 Micro-Funnel Project

Do you know how to turn a podcast guest appearance into new revenue?

Everyone thinks that they do until they actually try it.

In this phase Adi Soozin teaches you the clear and easy process that took her three years to learn the hard-way.

In the span of just five workshops, you will learn how to make even more money, when you show your clients the power of these revolutionary micro-funnels.

These micro-funnels are amazing because they allow you to DRAMATICALLY increase the LTV of each client who buys your monthly PR deal.

  • Workshops: 5
  • Workshop Frequency: Once every other week.
  • Support: E-mail support & access to an exclusive forum focused solely on micro-funnels.
  • Sales trick: We use this pairing of PR with micro-funnels to lock in a long-term relationship with your clients.
  • BONUS: You will get links to the templates and tools that Adi Soozin uses to knock these out quickly and learn how to use her secret formulas to deliver massive value to your clients.

Phase 3:

The $10,000 Branding Project

Unleash your creativity and craft irresistible brands with an offer that beats your fiercest competitors!

In this phase, you’ll dive into the world of branding, creating captivating identities that attract high-paying clients like magnets. We’ll provide you with tricks, tools & 17 time-tested templates to cut out the competition with your next project proposal.

  • Workshops: 6
  • Workshop Frequency: Once every other week.
  • Support: E-mail support & access to an exclusive forum focused solely on branding.
  • Sales trick: The 17 client deliverables that you will fill in and turn over to your clients, make it easy to charge a premium AND outshine the competition.

Phase 4:

The $8,000 Email Marketing Automation Project

Do you know how to sell a handful of easy email marketing automations for $8,000?

If you’ve stayed with us up until this point, your clients should be singing your praises and signing each subsequent proposal without batting an eye.

Which is why, we will use this project to continue to drive sales growth for them with the marketing magic of a few expertly crafted email automations!

  • Workshops: 4
  • Workshop Frequency: Once every other week.
  • Support: E-mail support & access to an exclusive forum focused solely on email marketing
  • Sales trick: As the micro-funnels begin to accumulate leads, some leads won’t convert. You use this data to explain to your clients why this email marketing project should be top priority.
  • BONUS: Email templates & the sacred conversion schedules.

Phase 5:

The $20,000 SEO Project

Some marketers struggle to sell their SEO projects for $2,000 are you ready to learn how to sell yours for $20,000?

The SEO project that you will learn in this phase is so profound that clients are eager to pay 10x more to get what you will offer.

This SEO project is not only a MASSIVE value bomb. It seamlessly transitions into an evergreen SEO project that renews monthly.

You will keep clients happy, excited, and loyal with these proven formulas and templates as you solidify your reputation as a top-notch Millionaire Marketer.

  • Workshops: 4
  • Workshop Frequency: Once every other week.
  • Support: E-mail support & access to an exclusive forum focused solely on SEO.
  • Sales trick: With this project you will transition the clients from your introductory SEO project to the evergreen one.
  • BONUS: Adi Soozin’s personal Playbook & The Sacred Evergreen Project Template


Why is this only $10,197 when similar programs cost $220,000?

While competitors (who have achieved LESS than Adi Soozin) demand equity and charge upwards of $220,000 for similar programs, we have poured a profound amount of effort into cutting out all unnecessary fluff so that we could bring this program to you for a mere $10,197.

Additionally, when rookies attempt to launch programs like this, they have to pay an exorbitant amount to bring in experts from the outside; because we already have Adi Soozin & her network of equally high achieving friends here and happy to mentor the next generation, we’ve been able to cut out the most expensive costs.

When will the next cohort start?

As of now, the next cohort is scheduled for September 20, 2023. This has been timed to align with sales cycles and consumer trends which make it easier for you to sell certain services and see better results with client projects.

If we find another window when this exact sequence of projects and up-sells can be beneficial for marketing agencies, we will add another cohort start date to the calendar.

Can I sign up for just one phase?

Imagine how you’d feel if an entire workshop was hijacked by someone who takes up the entire discussion portion to ask questions that were answered in depth last week.

To keep things fair for those who consistently show up, if someone decides not participate in earlier phases, they cannot join later ones.

Can I do a payment plan?

You can pay a one time fee of $10,197.

If you would prefer, you can do 4 payments of $3,397 :

    • 1st payment is due immediately to hold your spot
    • 2nd payment is due September 15th
    • 3rd payment is due October 15th
    • 4th payment is due November 15th

What does each new project look like?

  1. At the start of each new project you will be given access to all of the relevant: playbooks, templates & tools.
  2. Read through these and bring your questions to the first workshop.
  3. Adi Soozin will host your workshops once every other week to teach you how to implement the next milestone.
  4. At the end of each workshop there will be time for questions and answers.
  5. In these workshops we will walk through Adi Soozin’s client report templates, as well as her client deliverable templates, so that you can download them, fill them in and send them off to your own clients.
  6. To get fast feedback & help as you complete your projects, in addition to the online workshops, you will receive invitations to several topic focused forums.

What about holidays?

We anticipate that this cohort will be broken into two groups, so that each workshop will be hosted twice to accommodate those joining from different time zones.

With that in mind, while every group will take the normal US & Jewish holidays, those with local holidays may also bring these up to the Molo9™ Support Team to see if additional schedule changes can be made.

Let’s make your dreams a reality together!

Don’t miss this career-altering opportunity!

Secure your spot now and embark on a whirlwind adventure that will forever transform your marketing career & your life.

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