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The Brand Personification Effect

What is it?

The Brand Personification Effect is the name given to a psychological tactic used by marketing strategists to influence consumer behavior.

Research suggests that personifying a brand and giving the brand distinct human qualities will help people connect better with the company. Similar to human relationships, this more personal connection can lead to a dialogue, and ultimately the formation of a loyal relationship.


Examples include:

  • Tony the Tiger
  • Progressive’s “Flo”
  • Smokey the Bear
  • The red & yellow M&M’s

Take Action:

If you have not personified your brand already, you can learn a few simple tricks to make your brand fascinating, irresistible & easy to remember, over here.

Read more on this topic:

  1. https://www.veriday.com/blog/brand-personification-cx/
  2. https://molo9.co/courses/how-to-make-your-brand-fascinating-irresistible-easy-to-remember/

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