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Resource Portal: increase your LTV & SEO at the same time

What is it?

A resource portal is literally a blog laid out with a category grid. How does this differ from a blog? When you organize your blog posts into 4-16 categories and make a pretty web page showing each of these categories, people place more value on the content.

Here is an example:

Image Source

Take action:

  1. Scroll through your articles, white papers or blog posts and break them up into categories.
  2. If you are not skilled with graphic design work here is a trick to make those pretty looking tiles:
    1. Go to Envato elements & grab their unlimited license (you’re about to get your money’s worth).
    2. In Envato look up powerpoint presentations that match your color palette and download a few.
    3. Next, while still in Envato look up high quality images to set as the background of each tile (like the example above).
    4. Then open the powerpoint templates and look for one slide that allows you to quickly make nice tiles like the example above.
    5. Use this slide & the images to make your tiles. Take screenshots of each tile.
    6. Save each screenshot as the name of the category (for SEO purposes).
    7. Use the images to create a nice looking resource portal.
  3. Send an email to all of your customers inviting them to visit the new resource portal.

BONUS: If you sell a complicated product, creating a resource portal like this for your prospective buyers can increase your CAC & SEO too.

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