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Diversify your offerings

One day, you may reach a point in your company’s life where your customers love you and have bought everything that they can from you, they would love to continue to do business with you but you don’t have anything left to offer, that fulfills their current needs and desires.

When this happens, do not panic. There are many ways to easily add to your catalog / inventory / offer page, little (or big) add-on items for them to purchase.

What you want to do is find a way to offer something new to your customers that:

  1. They value greatly,
  2. They trust you to give them, and
  3. Costs you very little time and money to create and provide.  

A few examples of these include digital assets such as :

  1. courses,
  2. books,
  3. guides,
  4. excel models,
  5. memberships to communities,
  6. and SaaS.

Take Action:

Step 1 Brainstorm

  1. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage (coffee, whiskey, wine, etc), turn on some fun music & put ALL of your ideas onto individual index cards. If you don’t come up with any epic ideas, just look at what your competitors are doing that you know you could do better (yes, I’m serious).
  2. Sort them into two piles: in pile one place all of the ideas you know how to build now, in pile two place all of the ideas you need to learn how to build.
  3. Take pile one and find one idea that says yes to all 5 of the “brilliant idea” questions below.

Step 2 Ask yourself the 5 “brilliant idea” questions

These five questions have been passed down through 15 generations of growth hackers … just kidding, they are here because I have yet to find an instance where they did not help a founder choose a BETTER business idea.

So what are they?

  1. Can I automate sales?
    1. Meaning: Can you set it up so that new customers do not need to speak with a person, book a demo or get a walk through before they can make a purchase?
    2. Examples: Amazon, eBay & Carvana
  2. Does this = recurring revenue?
    1. Meaning: will this new offer provide something that people tend to purchase repeatedly month over month, year after year?
    2. Examples: slack community memberships, daily supplements & beauty products.
  3. Can the business ignore my vacation schedule?
    1. In my case, if I were to go through this list with MD9™, the answer would be “no”. While I do have many VAs helping out behind the scenes, clients pay $1500 an hour to meet me, not someone I spent a year training 🤷🏼‍♀️.
    2. Examples that could answer “yes”: drop-shipping stores, Saas, owning a car dealership & Udemy courses.
  4. Is this a business where it is normal to ask for payment up front?
    1. Think of businesses where you expect to pay for goods and services before you receive them.
    2. Examples: e-commerce stores, book stores, member-only communities & clubs.
  5. Will I enjoy creating & owning this business?
    1. Only you can answer this.
    2. Examples: I enjoy biohacking, gardening, 5 am workouts & daily ice baths. I would do well with a new venture in any of these arenas because (1) human excitement is contagious, (2) humans trust & (3) buy from businesses that are owned by humans who are passionate about that niche.

Step 3 Choose one

  1. Invite your current customers to join a waitlist for your new offer
  2. Send the waitlist a survey to refine your new offer to be something they will happily buy.
  3. Launch your offer on your website and announce it to your following.

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