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0:00 Introduction

1:12 This is how to make money off of people who don’t want to hire you

Here is the link to the workbook associated with today’s content: https://molo9.co/brainstorm-with-molo9/money-maker-workbook/ 

3:14 Companies that made millions through affiliate commissions

  1. Mind Valley (with more than $100 MM in revenue)
  2. Hear.com (now in 13 countries with more than $108MM in revenue) 
  3. The Doer’s way https://www.thedoersway.com/ supposedly they secretly made their first few million teaching a course on how to use infusionsoft to market your company.

7:34 Where to find high paying affiliate programs to join

  1. Google “High paying affiliate programs”
  2. Look at the top performing startups on AppSumo, this is usually around the same time that high paying affiliate programs are launched. 
  3. Kinsta.com now pays 10% lifetime commissions
  4. Molo9.com now pays 40% lifetime commissions

16:47 Which types of content should you use to get your affiliate link in front of buyers? 

  1. Lead magnets
  2. Paid ads 
  3. Product reviews 
  4. A free course

20:54 Why you should use affiliate links instead of going directly to the company site

21:34 Molo9’s™ affiliate program now offers recurring commission of up to 40% 

22:50 Why affiliate programs listed in directories tend to have lower commission rates

25:09 How should you manage & track your affiliate links? Google “Software to track your affiliate link attributions”

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