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Social media platforms have one goal: to keep you on their platform as long as possible. To meet this goal, they use fancy code to track the types of posts that you spend the most time looking at. Then they show you more of these types of posts.

This means that you can train instagram & Tik Tok to be your go-to for motivational quotes and pep-talks. If you follow my stories on IG @AdiPineapple you’ll see that they are predominantly motivational quotes for startup founders & moms.

To transform your instagram into a FREE on-demand auto-magical coach do this:

  1. Unfollow every account that does not inspire you to reach your current goals. Yes this means that you may end up unfollowing a lot of friends & family. It also means that you will just follow a handful of accounts.
  2. Choose one goal, then follow people who’s posts motivate you to focus on that goal.
  • When your goal is to get in shape, follow the celebrities that have your dream body. If your goal is long & lean muscle, check out the performing artists that I am following on IG.
  • When your goal is to be a better business owner, checkout the authors of your favorite business books. You can also checkout the business “gurus” that I follow on IG.
  • When your goal is self-improvement, follow accounts by the authors of your favorite self-help books. You can look at the ones that I follow, but I should warn you that I very frequently change who I listen to in this segment. As soon as someone’s posts stop improving my mental health, I unfollow.

NOTE: the faster you reach your goals, the faster you will outgrow those people that you currently follow. This is great, when you outgrow them, click unfollow and search for new gurus to help you reach your next goal.

If you struggle to hit unfollow, I should tell you that you are NOT alone. I still remember how hard that first unfollow was for me. The digital marketer who had taught me SO MUCH about SEO stopped churning out new content. Instead he pivoted to start teaching virtual assistants how to setup basic things like ad accounts on social media platforms. I didn’t realize how attached I had become to my SEO hero until I realized that I’d outgrown his content.

Onto a better note, I know you are going to achieve epic things & I’m so proud of you. The work you are investing into making yourself better (and as a result, improving the lives of those around you too). It’s amazing. I am very proud of you. Keep it up & when you find an account that motivates you, send it over.

Have a magical day ✨,

Adi Soozin

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