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SEO KPIs 4 Revenue Growth

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SEO KPIs 4 Revenue Growth

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Internal Inspiration

  • How can we get more of our current customers linking to us? (affiliate programs, referral programs, influencer programs, etc)
  • What can I learn from our best performing “entrance pages“?
  • What can I remove from our top “exit pages“?
  • What sort of content can we share to keep our customers coming back to our website regularly?
  • What sort of content can we share to motivate our customers to share links to our website?

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External Inspiration

  • What is the monetary value of the traffic of my top 3 competitors?
  • What do they have on their highest performing pages?
  • How many SERP 1 KWs do they rank for? Which pages are ranking for those KWs? How can we make better content to rank for these same KWs?
  • How many backlinks does each competitor have? Can I reach out to these same publications to talk about my brand?

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Molo9™ Recommendations 4 SEO

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