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1:18 What is growth hacking really?

4:59 Ask your questions over here: https://t.me/Molo9tm, join us on Topia over here: https://topia.io/molo9

5:05 Where I’ve hidden Molo9™ freebies in https://topia.io/molo9

6:25 What growth hacks are & why do they expire?

10:01 How are growth hacks made, why are they made & how can you spot them?

11:43 Why do some growth hacks turn into “timeless marketing strategies” while others die?

13:19 Examples of growth hacks that turn into “timeless marketing strategies”

13:53 Why do some of these strategies start out as growth hacks?

16:02 A list of white-hat growth hacks that you can currently use

18:39 Where do I find the newest trends & growth hacks? What is a growth hacking coven & how do you get into one?

23:10 Why do some growth hacks die fast & what are some growth hacks that are about to expire? https://molo9.co/why-it-is-in-your-best-interest-to-be-an-early-adopter-of-a-new-social-media-platform/ 

Here is the link to get 500 credits to use Podawaa: https://waal.ink/cXQ8Xe 

31:10 RSVP to the private event here: https://molo9.co/live-qas/ 

32:28 Do companies ever create growth hacks as a means to attract new customers? This is how it is done: https://molo9.co/why-it-is-in-your-best-interest-to-be-an-early-adopter-of-a-new-social-media-platform/ 

33:23 Should you ever create a growth hack to acquire new customers? Yes, this is called a viral loop. 

37:50 The growth hack that could make you $35,000+ per year in passive income, if you are an early user.

38:27 Who has the easiest time creating viral loops?

40:52 Viral loops via revenue share with content creators

42:22 What to expect in the coming weeks

FREEBIES available here: https://topia.io/molo9

Never miss another workshop, AMA or live Q&A. Click the button below to subscribe.

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