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Meet our Contributors

Anthony Giordano

Anthony Giordano is Vice President of Growth Marketing at Sermo, the leading global community of healthcare professionals. His role is to grow the community and increase the value that healthcare professionals get from Sermo through member recruitment, engagement and experience. Throughout the last 2+ years, monthly member growth has increased by over 300% and marketing has delivered $23 million+ in value to the business.

Previously, Anthony was VP, Marketing at OurBus where he helped to double customers, improve customer satisfaction, launch new product offerings and merge with fellow transportation tech company Rally. His career began within the media agency space where he held roles in strategy, marketing and client management, including leading Business Development across North America and leading Innovation in the Middle East North Africa region.

As an active member of the startup community, he has served as growth marketing consultant to startups within the health, mobility, wellness, and ecommerce industries, a judge for Brown University’s B-Lab, a coach for Villanova’s briefCASE Challenge and an advisor to IE University’s Venture Day. 

He received his MBA from Brown University and IE Business School and Bachelor’s in Marketing and Cognitive Science from Villanova University, graduating with honors. He served on the board of Villanova University’s Mentor Program and IE’s NYC Alumni Committee. Anthony has traveled to 55+ countries and lived and worked on 3 continents. He achieved a 1st Dan Black Belt in Seibukan Karatedo. His research ‘Three Stages to a Virtual Workforce’ was published in 2019 and he is a Forbes 30 Under 30 list maker.

Anthony knows Adi Soozin through the IE Business School alumni network. To discuss the work in this book or how to approach your growth challenges, contact Anthony at anthonygiordano.me.

Thanks to Adi for investing the time to bring this growth knowledge to the world and for extending the invitation to contribute.

I’d like to thank all the people I’ve worked with, especially my current team at Sermo – I’ve learned something from each of you and value the time we have spent together.

Thanks to my wife, Sarah, for the encouragement to pursue my goals and support on the journeys getting to them.

Thanks to my parents for setting the foundation of work ethic, honesty and doing the right thing.

Thank you to the book reviewers, I appreciate your input and support.

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