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Adi Soozin’s Lead Magnet Creation Process

If you already have ideas for your lead magnet brewing, jot them down below.

Then click “1 START HERE.”

To go through the process I use to sculpt my lead magnet ideas into high converting lead magnets. 

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Set a goal for your lead magnet.

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A powerful lead magnet makes the reader feel like they achieved something in a short amount of time.

By the time someone finishes reading through your lead magnet, the reward center of their brain should be lit up. How can you make the reward center of someone’s brain light up?

  1. Give them a relevant gift
  2. Teach them a relevant trick or process
  3. Provide them with new & clear data
  4. Guide them to feel like they have accomplished something meaningful (yes, this can be done in less than 1 page).

Look at what your competitors are offering as a lead magnet & ask yourself, which of these lead magnets has the same goal as mine?

“What can I learn from those lead magnets to make my own, better version?”

As you read through your competitor’s lead magnets, pour your ideas into the notes area below.

[wpdatatable id=95]Next, turn your ideas written above into a rough draft for your lead magnet.

WARNING: Lengthy lead magnets typically see lower conversion rates & longer sales cycles. Do not waste time & money creating a lead magnet that is 100 pages long unless:

  1. You are working on B2B Enterprise Sales, or
  2. Your business has lengthy sales cycles & your goal with this lead magnet is to put someone on an email drip campaign for months before they make a purchase.

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read more about funnels >

*Hint: lead magnet readers tend to be in one of these stages:

  • Engagement Stage: Brand Awareness
  • Education Stage: Problem Identification
  • Research Stage: Investigate Solutions
  • Evaluation Stage: Assess Satisfaction of Needs

Why does this matter? 

We do not use the same tone, language and topic selection when speaking with a colleague, as we do a grandparent. The same principle applies to speaking with prospective customers who are at different stages in the funnel.

If someone knows they want to start investing in stocks but they know nothing about the various ways they can invest (frequency, amount, diversification, etc), you will want to create a lead magnet that educates them on what the potential solutions are, before explaining how your company’s offers (programs, courses, services, etc.) make it easy for them to get started. 

Adjust your rough draft to speak to people at their current place in your funnel.

[wpdatatable id=97]

*Hint: look at the lead magnets used by those who are most successful in your niche.

Add relevant data, quotes, graphs & infographics. 

Don’t start from scratch.

An easy way to establish domain authority is to showcase your research by adding data, quotes, graphs and infographics from multiple sources & thought leaders. 

Start with looking at the websites, blogs and interviews that feature the domain experts in your niche.

Drop your ideas into the notes area below.

[wpdatatable id=98]

Copywriting formula(s) have the power to transform a string of text into a powerfully high converting piece of content. 

Let’s choose a few copywriting formulas to add to your lead magnet.

[wpdatatable id=99]

Copywriting formulas can be a bit confusing and overwhelming if you don’t have an awesome list of psychological tactics to help you fill in the various parts of each formula. 

Fortunately, Molo9™ has this taken care of. On the left you will see your own customized list of exactly which psychological tactics work best on your unique group of customers. 

Just select a few of the silver bullets from Molo9’s recommendations to the left and add them to your shortlist (for this specific lead magnet) below.

[wpdatatable id=100]

[wpdatatable id=67]

Read through your happy customer testimonials & company survey results. Should any excerpts be added to support the current content in your lead magnet?

[wpdatatable id=84]

*To make content creation easier, I have synced this specific element across all of your content creation workspaces.

[wpdatatable id=85]

*To make content creation easier, I have synced this specific element across all of your content creation workspaces.

Imagine walking into a Starbucks to order a coffee and behind the counter is a 12 year old, waiting to take your order.

You would justifiably be shocked. Brands that do well are consistent with their presentation across the board.

That is why as a final check I :

  1. Review the company’s archetype & brand fascination score.
  2. Read through the data about both the company’s archetype & brand fascination score to re-calibrate my mindset to make sure I write with this same tone of voice.
  3. Complete one final wash of the content to make sure that the tone is consistent throughout the piece, before printing it off for a hard copy, final review.

[wpdatatable id=71]


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[wpdatatable id=101]

Automate your lead magnet’s workflow

  1. Setup your system (either Constant Contact, MailChimp, Sharp Spring, Drip, or another email marketing tool) to give you the code for a pop-up.
  2. If you can, set a timer for the pop-up only have it appear after 30 seconds.
  3. Add the code for the pop up to certain pages, like your landing page, contact us page & about page. Do NOT put this pop-up on your sign-up page or pricing page. You do not want to distract someone who is about to click “buy now” or “sign up”.
  4. Set your system to automatically email the person whatever the lead magnet is.
  5. Next, DO NOT flood them with emails. WAIT. If you want to put them on a drip campaign, email them 7-10 days later. Then at a maximum frequency of once per week for the first few weeks.
  6. Email marketing is NOT marriage, it is like dating, give people time to miss you. Emailing more than once a week with anything less than “breaking news” or an occasional “time sensitive opportunity” places you on a one way road to spam folder.  You don’t want to land in the spam folder, this has an immediate & direct impact on your email deliverability.

Use Molo9™’s silver bullets to create an epic hook for your lead magnet.

If you are reading this prior to setting up your account, it is time to open your settings: 

  1. Click here to configure your settings. If you need help click here. 
  2. When Molo9™ asks for your CAC say that it is “too high”. 
  3. When Molo9™ asks for your LTV say that it is “bad”.
  4. When Molo9™ asks for your GCR say that it is “too low”. 
  5. Then click here to view all of your silver bullets. 
  6. Select 1-3 to use in the CTA (call to action). Below are examples of CTAs used by other brands:
    1. Click here to see how Jimmy Daly uses a cheap course as his lead magnet.
    2. Click here to see how Zibbet uses a page worth of templates and tools to capture an email address.
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